18 men where arrested by police for constantly raping 11 years old girl for several months

18 men where arrested by police for constantly raping 11 years old girl.

18 men were arrested in the eastern part of Indian city of Chennai for constantly raping an 11 years old school girl for several months in an apartment complex.

these men between the age of 23 to 56 years old blackmailed the little girl, make video of the dirty scene and threatened to kill her if she tries to inform the police. but unfortunately for them the girl narrated everything to her elder sister, on hearing this disgusting news she informed the parents which made them lodge compliant with the city police on sunday.

However, these guys were busted in their apartment by the informed police, Poice wrote: “We arrested all the 18 accused for the heinous crime. They sexually assaulted her multiple times in a storage room on the building terrace over the past seven months”

They were been charged to court under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences(POCSO) Act, said by a local police.

During the controversial issue, The Indian government approved several punishments for sexual violence against children, including the death penalty for those convicted for raping girls younger than 12 years which automatically means those guys will be killed.

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