Are we really the future?

Hi Fam,
This question has always bothered me, I have always seen it as a very mysterious question, and the question is “Are we really the future?”
As a child, growing up wasn’t as difficult as they made it sound. We had fewer things to think of, most of the things were done by our parents. We were loved and prayed for as most of us couldn’t say prayers on our own, we were given most of the things (if not all) we needed as kids who have been trusted to be great in future.
At 15, most of us started to realize our purposes. I remember writing story books in my early secondary school days, it was a raw dream then but it was worth chasing. I’ve always belonged to that team that would do anything to be successful (I mean the positive sacrifices). Most of us needed words of encouragement to carry on, some needed to be scolded, after all we were all meant to head in the same direction — the future.
At 20, we were already the future with another future still ahead of us. Our parents looked back at the years and few were happy, some largely disappointed because some of us haven’t been promising enough. The positive signs some of us showed in our early days have been covered in either fear of failing or the urge to impress our peers, after all we were all meant to head in the same direction.
Things are different now. We’ve all decided on how to live our lives. Most of the things we do now are results of the thoughts we had when we were younger (you can object this in the comment box below). Many have compromised, looking for ways to make money without working hard for it. Many have been misled (peer pressure). Funnily, the ones who have decided not to compromise still pay for the deeds of their brothers, they also get affected in one way or the other, after all they were all meant to head in the same direction. We will always remain the future no matter the path we have chosen to follow. Our parents will still look back at the years, how good or bad they will feel depends on how prepared we are now. The big question is “Are we really the future?” Yes we are, and when the future comes, we will look back at the years, record our losses and count our blessings…I hope you are prepared, ‘cause I am.
Do have a lovely weekend.

One thought on “Are we really the future?

  • 23/09/2018 at 7:35 pm

    One of the best piece of article have ever read.. Keep it up bruh


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