Towards the end of the match played tonight between Nigeria and Argentina which later went on a badluck for the Nigeria team after alot of tough and hardwork, there are a lot of mixed comment about a confused scene that happened during the football match, Argentina defender, Rojo when trying to clear the ball from the ball box mistakenly hit is hand on the ball, However many Nigerians and Nigeria team especially Mikel Obi expected the referee to declare a penalty shot but unfortunately the referee didn’t because he said the ball hit his head before his hand touched it. These are some of Nigerian’s comment of social media
“For those that watched the match, let me educate you people small. This Argentina player ‘Rojo’ handball is not a foul play, if someone goes up with his hand so his head touched the ball first before the hand while he is still on the Air, it is not accepted as a foul play in Fifa Rules. Nobody should shout they robbed us because I know that most of you people don’t know this rule”

However, another Nigeria replied him. “You self u donno the rules, you copied someone else’s comment nooni, it was a penalty, same was blown yesterday, the ref used his discretion to wave it, and it would have been meaningless assuming Ighalo scored the volley! But as that one self na bag of dust… he missed it … chai!
This is another comment. “when it comes to Nigeria, white always have their way in because will allow dem… c head c hand if it was musa now refree will not see d head first but d hand only.
This are just few out of the hilarious and confused comment on social media about this scenario, what is your take on this?


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