Bolanle Ninalowo: I’ve never been to church in my entire life

One of the most handsome Nollywood actor, Bolanle Ninalowo reveals that he have never step his legs in the church and he don’t love clubbing as well.

Bolanle Ninalowo

The sexy actor said he was born into a Muslim family and he converted to Christian but he never went to church. He added that his office is his church and he dedicate his free time to God.

He said, “I was born into a very strong Muslim home, but I am a Christian. I couldn’t read the Qur’an but I understand the Bible, and it has been helpful all my life. But I have never been to a church all my life; my office is my church. I don’t club; the little time I have is dedicated to God, which is key to success. No one can take you to God; it is you that will go and meet God. God knows those who worship him,”

Bolanle Ninalowo also added that, “God has his way of setting people free. Not that my family accepted, but what can people say to a man that is already blessed by God? I thank God for raising me up in the faces of those that looked down on me,”

The Denvar university graduate who studied account left his degree to follow his passion in Nollywood. however since he started acting, many ladies have been crushing on him due to his physical appearance and his romantic what of doing things. He speak about his relationship life too,

“ There’s a beautiful woman I love so much, though, we are not together but I still love her and pray for her because she means a lot to me,”

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