It’s not a blur fact that Africa have the most set of ladies blessed with good body figure and shapes. Out of all these beautiful Africa damsels, there is a Lady who claim to have the biggest butt and curve in the whole of Africa, and ever since she claimed that no lady have come out to dispute her claim.

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Here comes Eudoxie Yao, a Côte d’Ivoire lady whose physique is really surprising and amazing, she have the kind of body that makes anybody look twice. Even though people thinks she went under the knife to have such figure but she confirms that she never went for any surgery to have such look, everything about her is natural.

These are facts about her.


Eudoxie Yao is an actress, model, makeup artist and entrepreneur, she become popular when she started posting her massive curve on Instagram and making short videos on snap chats, and she started having more followers day by day. Companies start inviting her to help them promote events, sell products and advertise for them.

Measuring her giant booty is approximately 60 inches and she weigh 209lbs, no woman in West Africa has such urge backside and she is not ashamed to show it off.

From what she said, people do mock her physique and she isn’t bothered because its hereditary and all natural, she isn’t on diet and eat whatever she wants the way she wants it.

The French speaking icon loves wearing body con just to show off her shapes and make not men alone look twice whenever they sight her, most of the times fans (regardless of gender) always want to take pictures with her just like other celebrities.

With her massive behind and gorgeous curve, Eudoxie Yao have 210k followers on Instagram and 242k on facebook where she flaunt her eye popping physique to the world.

She is a lover and big fan of Kim Kardashian and always love to be like her in all aspect.

Speaking about marriage, even though big and famous men want to taste her honey pot, she claims she is not ready for marriage and waiting patiently for Mr. Right

Instagram: @eudoxieyao_2 and Eudoxieyao
Facebook: Eudoxie Yao “pawa gang”

Biography of Eudoxie Yao, A Lady with the biggest booty in Africa, a model, actress, entrepreneur and makeup artist.

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