FEATURED STORY: How Devil Sent Me Out of Church.

I felt so down and embarrassed with this shocking experience of mine, it happened a couple of years ago and that happens to be the year I gained admission into the University of Benin.

I used to be a diligent and obedient boy, I read my bible always, I play less and brainstorm more, I had 5 As when my O’level result drops and got 286 when I sat for Jamb. I’m saying this just to let you guyz know that I’m brilliant and well behaved when it comes to succeeding in life.

My dad being a Pastor loves to feed us with the word of God and I have a lovely mother as well, I will tag her the best mom anyone can ever have. My dad got me a laptop after have successfully pass every exam that will guarantee my admission, I was really happy and overwhelmed because I never thought of having one.

It was a nice experience using my laptop, I really learnt a lot both online and offline, in short, most of my ex mate in school call me geek because I was really learning fast.

How devil sent me out of church

On one Saturday, I was learning some computer techniques when my friend Peter, we call him “pato” in school and that seems to go well with him came to visit.

My parents were not at home because they had to go to church to prepare for Sunday service which made me had good lot of time with Pato.

Let me describe Pato’s behaviour for you, he is brilliant with good physique which made most of the girls in our class back then loves him a lot. He always dress well and neat but one thing about Pato is he loves sex and erotic things a lot, I could remember when we were in school and I was checking his bag maybe I could get one of his text book because I didn’t bring mine to school that very day. Lo and Behold I saw 10 Porn Magazine in his bag and i was really shocked and had an erection because I was a virgin then and I haven’t seen anything of such in my life.

I quickly put them back and couldn’t got that scene outta my head that very day.

Back to the real experience, I was using my laptop online when he came and we greeted ourselves in slangs and I treated him like a visitor because that will be the second time he came to our house. I served him fruit drink and some chips for him to feel at home.

After gisting about funny moment when we were in high school, our wicked teachers and some crazy things we did together, it was whole lot of fun with him. Then he told me he want to use my laptop to browse some things, I didn’t hesitate because I still want him to feel at home, I gave it to him without even bothering about what he want to use it for.

After like 2 hours of him using it he just closed it without shutting it down and I didn’t even bother to check it through out the very Saturday.

It was on Sunday morning, we got prepared for church, we all got into the car, I carried my laptop and other gadgets along with me. When we got to church, everywhere was set and the atmosphere was different been the first Sunday of the month.

The church projector was set for the sermon, everything was going on fine before the sermon but 5 mins before my daddy will claim the pulpit the church laptop had fault which made my daddy order the operators to use my laptop for some bible verse and presentation. The projector’s VGA cable was connected to my laptop.

Lo and Behold, the moment I on my laptop and press my password the first thing that came up was a PORN VIDEO at the view of over 100 church members.

Everywhere was noisy and the peaceful atmosphere turned into something else entirely. I feel like dying at the moment.

How will I explain to my parents that my friend came home yesterday and used my laptop, how will I defend myself that I don’t know anything about what they just saw, how will I face the congregation and tell them I know nothing about this.

I feel like dying at the moment, you guyz can put yourself in my shoes for that particular moment only.

My dad couldn’t help but to be damn disappointed in me, how will he believe that my friend came home yesterday when I never told them anything, how on earth will I even keep such person as a friend when I’m a son of a true man of God.

My mom couldn’t help but to cry, I was crying as well because everybody knows me to be a very good boy. My dad just climb down the pulpit and gave me a very disgusting look. Nobody at the moment want to hear from me.

After like 30mins the Assistant Pastor took over the sermon and the church elders and prayer warriors were with me feeding me with the words of God, I was really crying, I told them everything that happened swearing to them that I knew nothing about it.

They went back inside the church and address the congregation about what I told them, I was blamed for keeping such person as friend.

After the church service, I got different reactions from church members.

We all bumped into the car and left for home, it was all silent as hell. We got home and for like 4 days everywhere was damn boring, as expected my laptop and other gadgets was seized by my dad and I couldn’t help but to stop talking to me for like 2weeks, only my mom came around some times, she believed my story and advise me to know the type of friends I keep especially when I get to school.

Few months later, I resumed as a fresher in the aforementioned university were I gained admission.

Don’t bother to know my name because I won’t even tell you.

Don’t forget to drop your comments. Thank you for reading

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