How I met my first love, Not Adekunle gold or Falz – Simi

How I met my first love, Not Adekunle gold or Falz – Simi

How I met my first love

Top Nigeria vocalist, Simisola with the stage name “Simi” had an interview with The Sun News, discussing lot of things including her relationship with Adekunle Gold and Falz, she also talked about how she met her first love and how both of them departed.

She added that she is in relationship with a disclosed someone and she hopes that the person is the one she finally get married to. She said “well, I hope he is the one because I don’t think relationships should just be for leisure. I can’t really speak for anybody but for me. If I am giving you an access to that part of my life then it has to be worth my while and worth his while as well. But I can’t force it though, if he is one, fine and if not, fine.”

From what she said, she believes that if she is in relationship with someone, it not for the pleasure in it but for the worth of being together and if she gives any part of her body to someone it has to be on a serious mindset, mindset in the sense that they have to get married together but she later ended it with she can’t force love if the guy in question tries to leave.

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The singer made it clear that she doesn’t have any kind of romantic relationship with Falz or Adekunle Gold. Concerning her first love, she said she met him when she was 13 about to clock 14 and in SS1. Read what she said, “My first love? I met him when I was 13 and in SS1. It was just about to turn 14 and he just came to my school.”
She was asked, “How do you really explain that as a child?” and her responds was, “But it did happen, and he left my school after a while, so we drifted apart. Then we met somewhere again, we drifted apart again and that was it”

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