The founder and Chief Executive Officer at ELEKT Global foundation took to his facebook account to express his feeling towards the match between Nigeria and Argentina last night which Argentina won 2-1 and towards the condition of the country as a whole. he said “In the last 20 years Nigerian football has not improved. Sadly, the same goes for the nation and its people. what’s the solution?

However, this post got a lot of comments and reactions, here are some of the comments

“change the old leaders, change our mindset and do things right” another facebook handler said “Zero tolerance against corruption and injustice, but wiping out those old crooks and nincompoops seems to be very difficult. How are we going to do it?”

He later said that “Massive nationwide protests. Total shutdown of markets, schools, banks, religious houses, Natinoal Assembly, everything shutdow until the requests of the people are met which include
1. A declaration of state of emergency nationwide.
2. Military Administrators for volatile regions.
3. A fresh balanced constitution based on regional governance.
4, Barring all current political leaders from running for elective posts while fresh young aspiring leaders from every region will be given the opportunity to run.
5. Scrapping all the Political parties, and making room for the emergence of fresh political parties with genuine portfolios.”

However, the facebook handlers involved in his points were pleased and this is one of the comment: “if we can really accomplish your points we will be free from our problems. The only problem is how our youths will be united to carryout the task at hand”

It seems Nigerians are really disappointed and pissed with the current condition of the country, making a step of changing the critical condition of the country is on every youth’s mind and to start the change begins now not 2019, get your PVC ready.

What is your take on this?
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