List of Skills you can learn to earn real money as a student in 2019

Top careers in 2019

We are in a country where many graduates are jobless and can’t cater for their needs, learning skills is what makes you more comfortable about yourself only if you know that skill(s) well.

Some youths are now engaging themselves in learning one or more skills in making money for themselves even while studying and it never affect their education. You won’t even need to call your parents when you are in need of finance.

One of the problems youths have is we always want to get employed and work for salaries, if your employer didn’t create a job, how will you thinking of getting employed in that organization?

C’mon, change your mindset and start from somewhere, you might be the next fashion icon, greatest developer and many more if you continue doing that particular thing you learn from experts.

Here, I’m going to list some careers and skills you can learn and start earning real money in 2019.


Hair styling is one of the lucrative skill that is really trending and quite easy to learn.

There is no way men won’t think of cutting or styling their hair when rough and same thing applies to women/ladies too, everybody wants to look smart and neat.

It’s a skill I highly recommend for you, you might me thinking that many people are now in that field and you may not quickly make it.

If you are really good at what you do your customers will always increase and never decrease in numbers.

The most interesting part is you don’t really need much money to start, you can just get all the necessary tools like clipper and more and start dressing your friends hair, your customers will always find you with time.



Here is another lucrative skill you can learn, being a makeup artist is another way of making real cash that can put food on your table.

On many occasions, women/ladies always love to have some makeup on their face just to look good and gorgeous most especially when going to events, parties and many more.

As a makeup artist, you will be invited to help them paint their face, tie their gele and things like that, and you will be earning big if you are really good.

Makeup artist don’t really stop their, you will be invited also to film production locations where they will need you to dress some casts to fit in the role they wants to play in the movies.

It’s a skill I highly recommend for you.



OMG!!! Here comes one of the most lucrative work that even our brand do to make income.

Digital marketing is one of the most trending skills this 2019, although it has lots of stress due to the requirement, you need to build your audience.

You don’t necessarily need to own a blog to become a digital marketer, you might use your social media pages to build your audience and the only way to do that is to always post interesting things that will attract followers to always follow your updates.

From there you will start advertising products and promoting artistes if possible. But trust me its only easy if you know what your audience needs.

Many people are running WhatsApp TV these days, that’s one of the latest way digital marketers are making money from marketing.

You can join our official WhatsApp TV by clicking here >> NotchTrend TV, trust me you won’t get bored at all.



Here comes another lucrative way of making it big as a student, Graphics designing is not a new way of making money and its still high in demand by people.

Graphics designers are expected to be able to design logos, banners, UI interface (websites or application frontend designs), digital painting and many more.

All you need to do is to get a laptop and start learning graphics applications like Adobe Photoshop, Coreldraw X8, Adobe Illustrator, Cinema 4D and their likes from experts.

Learning it alone will be really stressful and you might even giveup but if you have the idea from someone, you can easily start building yourself.


The rate at which people are using phones and laptops these days is alarming, well I’m not surprise because if you want to build a successful business now you need phones and laptops.

With that rates, many laptops and phones will start developing faults after some time or it might need software updates.

You can easily repair it if you know how to and you are good at it.

Its a lucrative skill I will emplore you to learn from experts.



Shooting amazing photos with camera is one of the biggest way to earn.

Your services will be mostly needed in school when events like matriculation, convocation, birthdays and many more come up.

It’s a sure skill to earn big.



Everybody want to showcase their products online, everybody wants to own a blog.

Web designers are useful for all these, you don’t really need to know how to code or develop before you can build a website.

all you need to do is to learn some open source content management systems (CMS) like WordPress and more.

Its very lucrative and can put more than food on your table only if you know how to do it well.



Wow, and this is a big one. Writing is also lucrative, if you can think and  bring up new write-ups you’ll really earn big.

Your services will be needed for writing sponsored post, projects, content development, blog post and many more.

As a writer, I will advise you to learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO), this is mostly needed when you are writing for website or blog and you need search engines like google, bing, yandex and more to crawl your contents and rank it with some specific keywords.



Making snacks like cakes, meat pie, chin chin and more can help you earn more income from consumers.

Your services will be highly appreciated when events like parties comes up.

You might even be working with hotels and eateries whenever they need your services, it might seems stressful but trust me.

it’s a big cash out.



Everybody wants to look good and classy, everybody wants to dress smart.

Here comes fashion designing, making different kind of style for your costumers attracts more costumers.

No dull moments if you know how to design styles very well.

It’s a sure way of earning big as a students, your services will be need not only at events but at casual places as well, everybody will put on clothes when going out.

I highly recommend this as well.



Shoe making is a lucrative skill as well for making cash as a student. Making different kinds of shoes will attract more costumers.

Everybody will surely put on something when going somewhere. It’s a skill with big cash out.


Presently you are on NotchTrend Nigeria, its a media blog for advertising and promoting both digital and physical products.

One of the lucrative way of earning big is being a blogger, apart from earning it opens your eyes to so many things even beyond the scope you can comprehend, Remember a (will I say proverb) that says “readers are leaders.”

Blogging is very lucrative and it highly depends on the niche you are blogging on.

It might seems stressful and hectic, you might not even be earning at first but if you persist and continue you will surely make it big.

Remember, you don’t start earning the moment you start, the money doesn’t come over night, it takes much time. Just continue doing the right thing.

Don’t forget to advertise and promote with us.

Here, comes to the end of “List of careers and skills you can learn to earn real income as a student in 2019”, if you feel like we are missing out some lucrative skills in this article, you can kindly add yours in the comment box.

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