Man advises Africans to embrace black technology

Man advises Africans to embrace black technology.

Man advises Africans to embraces black technology

Nigeria man took to his social media account to share his thought about technology in African.

He said foreign countries embrace what they know how to do most and we are supporting them by going for their products and we call it technology but if African relative contact you with African power we call it witchcraft.

Read what he posted, “When a white man🤵 creates a phone 📱 and you video 🎥 chat with your 👳brother you call it technology👷⛑️ but when your Grandmother👴 in the village🏞🏡 use a mirror 🖼to see 👀 you 🏃in the city🌉🌆🌁 you🚶 call it witchcraft.😈👹👽👻 It’s high time🕣🕢🕗 we valued our africain products.”

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See screenshot below:

Man advises Africans to embrace black technology


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