Man disgraced his girlfriend for being dirty

A Nigeria guy,Wavy Emmy Ice took to his facebook account to disgrace his girlfriend for being dirty to the extent of not washing her undies.

From what he posted, the upcoming rapper has been the one washing her clothes and undies,and he can’t take it anymore which made him think maybe if he insult her publicly she will change.

He wrote:

“This is my girlfriend…i’m so tired of talking to her..she finds it hard to wash her undies..sometimes,i even wash it for her…
i am tired of talking to her and this time i want to disgrace her..
ANITA i hope you change when you see this cox am going to do more..
i don’t need you ar a dirty just have a fine face and i regret the day i met u..
thank you for almost making me a fool by washing your undies all in the name of love..”

However, his post got a lot of reactions and comments.

See screenshot:

What’s your take on this?


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