Man fake his death to scam his family.

man fake his death

Tachawit Janngiw who live in Thailand faked his death to get money from his family members that are living far from them. From reports, He planned with his wife to announced his death through her facebook account which got the attention of the family members after the plan was executed.

The wife of the culprit took two photos of his faked dead body and posted it on facebook on Sunday with the caption “Last photo before deactivating his Facebook. Love you”

Her post got the attention of family and friends, when asked that what killed the man she explained that he has been suffering from cancer and asthma before he finally met his death but he has been pretending to be okay.

After she was told by the family members to bring the dead body home, she explained that she was out of cash, on hearing that, the Mother sent $590 to bring the corpse home.

After the money was sent, The family start making funeral arrangements and contacted the Chief priest in preparation the bury the body before the arrival of the body. After the body fails to arrive, the family tries to contact the wife but she has already switch off her phone, on trying the man’s number, his phone rang. unfortunately for him he picked the call and quickly hung up when he realized that his voice was heard.

According to the mother, the family has lost $1,800 for the preparation to bury the dead body.

man fake his death

man fake his death

Man fake his death to scam his family.


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