My saddest Valentine’s day experience – 2018 BBN Star, Tobi Bakre

The 2018 Big Brother Naija Double Wahala Star, Tobi Bakare took to his Twitter handle to share one of his heartbroken moment during Valentine when he was still in school.

He tweeted that he saved money and at the same time borrowed from some of his family member just to impress a lady but at the long run, the lady was found at the club with sugar daddy.

He finally concluded that this Valentine is for him and him alone, no string attached.

Read full gist below;

Oh finally. A chance to rant about my saddest valentine experience. You see why to love can be hard sometimes.
Years back in uni. This particular girl I liked and wanted to impress on Vals day. I collected money from my father. Mother. Sister. Minus my @femibakre, baba no send me. Starved that whole month just to save money and impress this ‘babe’.
Vals day came. I had ordered for a cab
No way I was driving. I wanted back seat snuggling on the way back from the restaurant in VI I had booked.
I sent the ‘babe’ money to get a cab and join me. I also got her a new bold2 at the time. Prior to that we were in romance terms o. I thought I found my future wife.
She said she saw a lifetime partner in me too. So I felt the need to put my all in this thing.
She called after getting alert and said she was on her way. 30mins later I called her. Number busy. Another 30mins after. Number unreachable. But I had sent address so I didn’t panic.
I waited roughly 3hours. My phone battery was low. It was late. Decided I’d join a few friends at a club nearby and use their power bank and boost up since they were out with their babes.
I entered the club na. Sad, frustrated and very worried. Ice cream and chocolate had melted
I had thrown flower away self. The song playing was ‘Turn me on’ by Kevin Lyttle. I will never forget. I saw my friends and joined them. Sat down and looked to the table on the right.
There my ‘babe’ was. With champagne in her hand dancing on chairs with men her father’s age.
I didn’t cry o. It didn’t pain me atall. You know me na. I have always been a bad guy. Bt somehow sha. Someones drink poured on my cloth and the tears just started to flow. Ah. Not sure my heart has recovered
See eh. This valentine. It is me and me alone. I will show myself love

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