I was coming from God-knows-where the other day and when i got to the door, it was little Korede i met at the other side of the door. I said to him “Korede, open the door”, I’m sure he must have thought i was out of my mind because i was asking him to do what no one has ever asked him to do. “Uncle, i can’t”, he replied. Of course i wasn’t surprised he gave that kind of reply, it was exactly what i had expected him to say but i knew he could and “You will”, i thought to myself. He did something that surprised me, he showed the will. He’d try every time i asked him to and eventually, he opened the door at the 7th try, i gave him our trademark handshake when i got inside, i was so proud of him. I’m sure he can sneak out without anybody noticing him; he has become independent in that part.
Pushing through limits; there are two things i think brought the thought of impossibility to his head; one was the fact that no one had ever asked him to try and open the door. Secondly, he thought doors were only meant for adults to open. I might have pushed him but more importantly, he pushed himself.
Ever wondered why Cristiano Ronaldo is the best footballer in history (Messi’s fans should please let me be) with no/little natural talents? Here’s why;
Carlos Tevez said no matter how early he got to training, Cristiano was always there. He (Tevez) said training was usually scheduled for 9am so one day he decided to get to the training ground by 7am but Lo! Cristiano was there. Tevez was of course very determined so one day he decided to get to training by 5am but yet again, Cristiano Dos Santos Aveiro Ronaldo was there again! I’m sure if Tevez decided to get there by by 3am, he’d sure meet Cristiano there. Perhaps he always slept at Carrington (the United training ground), perhaps he lived nearby, perhaps he always got there by 12am, nobody knew how he did it. That kind of will i pray to have, that kind of drive i pray to possess. There’s always a price to pay but in the end, there is joy and more importantly, there is fulfilment.
All successful people have this mutual trait; DRIVE. Denzel Washington said “Every failed experiment is one step closer to success”. Failure, just like death, has become inevitable, don’t be scared of it. Push yourself through limits today, that’s the price. It’ll pay you with success in return someday. See you at the top.


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