Sad!!! 7 month old girl dies after being left for over 2 hours in hot car in Ohio

Happiness turns sour as 7 month old girl dies in ohio after being locked up inside a hot car for over 2 hours in softball lot off of Foundry Street on Saturday around 2:15pm. the Police and the Medina county coroner are making several investigations concerning the death of the little girl.

Lt. Dave Birckhichler told Cleverland 19 that the baby has been inside the hot heated car for more than two hours before the police arrived, and the baby did not seems to respond anymore.

She was rushed to Medina Hospital where she later gave up the ghost.

Investigations are still going on as the Police and Medina County coroner are working hand in hand. Authorities promise to release more details on the child’s death once they are done.

Medina Youth Baseball Association president, Bob Huntley said: “I was very saddened to learn the news of this tragic incident in our community yesterday. My heart goes out to the family for the victim. Our community carries a very heavy heart at this time as we mourn the loss of a young child.

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