Yorubas are the reason why Nigeria is not moving forward – Comedianne Palome

Following the election that took place in one of the southwest state of the country, Ekiti which APC candidate Fayemi won the election.

Nigeria Comedianne, MC Palome wrote an open letter to the southwest part of the country for how they massively voted for APC party due to the crisis occurring in the country under APC government, she is not expecting any Nigerian to vote for the faulty party.

She wrote:

Yoruba people needs libration.
They are the reason why this country isn’t moving foward.
Sometimes i try to Understand this North-west dycotonomy.
Is it that these yoruba people like the way Nigeria is stagnant?
Fayose nd his candidate might not be perfect, but we all should know who and which is just and right for us.
Well now you all have seen that your Votes doesnt count.
The only Pdp state in the west is no longer.
Yoruba people you all need to wake up from your slumber.


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